Mens Services

Are you looking for professional suit alteration and tailoring services?

At Dream Tailor we offer professional, high standard men's clothing alteration and tailoring services and we operate across Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive, quality alterations and we use both traditional and modern methods to ensure the highest quality of service at all times. 

Professional, complete men's alteration and tailoring services

Our experienced and skilful tailors are fully qualified, trained and you can rest assured that your garment will be in the best possible hands from the beginning and through to completion. We will focus on your requirements and work closely with you on a one-to-one basis to make your garment perfect.

Our men's services include:


Coat, jacket, shirt alterations,Trouser alterations and shortening, Jeans Shortening, Coat/Jacket relining, Leather alterations, Shearling alterations, Zip replacement, Morning suit alterations, Tuxedo and dinner suit alterations, Kilt and waistcoat alterations, Wedding suit alterations. 

Bespoke, made-to-measure tailoring services are also available!

Create your own style and personalise your clothing line with a bespoke suit, shirt, coat or jacket. At Dream Tailor we cater to your every need and we provide a wide range of bespoke clothing pieces, including: 

Made-to-measure and bespoke garments,Made-to-measure and bespoke overcoats,Made-to-measure and bespoke suits (two piece or three piece), tuxedos, trousers and shirts.

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If you would like to make an enquiry or book your appointment, please feel free to give us a call today on 01217 479 758, 07411 307 546 or send us an email at [email protected] and our expert tailors and dressmakers at Dream Tailor will be here to answer your questions and shedule an appointment at your convenient time, if required.

Suit Alterations

At Dream Tailor we have years of experience undertaking suit alterations and our tailors possess the experience, skills and expertise required to alter your suits perfectly. Ill-fitting or old fashioned suits can be remodelled into contemporary outfits with a touch of class. There’s no need to wear a suit which hangs awkwardly from your shoulders, your garment is in the best hands with our meticulous tailors who can re-cut your suit so that it complements your shape. We can also design, produce and fit made to measure suits. 

We pay close attention to detail at all times in order to ensure that the suit is finished to a professional standard using classical or modern methods as required. Your restyled suit will be tailored to you and every aspect of the original suit replicated, from the colour of the thread to the choice of stitch. Our meticulous attention to detail delivers expertly fitted suits which show no indication of having been altered in any way.

Trouser Alterations

Generations of clients visit Dream Tailor for their trouser alterations. Our highly skilled tailors draw from their expertise and experience to achieve a perfect fit. Whether your trousers are too loose or a little tight around the waist, their size can be quickly reduced or increased with an adjustment of the centre back seam. At your fitting, we will define the ideal shape of the seat and proceed to raise or drop the fork where required. 

Where a closer fit and neater silhouette is required, trousers can be fully or partly tapered (narrowed). Removing excess fabric from the inside leg seam achieves a subtle taper, whilst removing fabric from the inside and outside leg seam reduces the leg width for a more drastic change. If trousers require shortening, they will be hand stitched so that the stitching is undetectable on the outside. Alternatively, we can work with you to design and create made to measure trousers for the perfect fit. Belt loops can also be replaced with traditional side adjusters created using excess fabric from the hem.

Waistcoat Alterations

Dream Tailor comprises talented waistcoat alteration specialists who are experienced in helping clients to achieve the perfect fitting waistcoat. The waistcoat is intended to be a very close fit and is the slimmest of men’s garments. A perfectly tailored waistcoat brushes against the body without feeling tight or pulling fabric. The adjustable strap on the back can be used to loosen the waistcoat. An ill-suited waistcoat can have its sides adjusted to ensure that it fits snugly. A well-fitted waistcoat should cover the waistband of the trouser without showing any shirt fabric in-between. If the length of your waistcoat requires adjustment, we can offer expert advice.

The collar is instrumental in determining how the fabric will drape across the body. It should hug the shirt collar without creating an unwanted gap which would allow the waistcoat to shift. Dream Tailors can amend this issue. We can also replace waist coat back panels with luxury fabrics and advise on the best match. If you would prefer to start from scratch, Dream Tailors can discuss your requirements, take your measurements and create a waistcoat which is custom-made to fit your shape.

Jeans Alterations

Dream Tailor is a trusted expert in denim alterations. As denim stretches over time, a once perfectly fitted pair of jeans can become loose. Luckily, this is an easy fix for our experienced and highly skilled tailors. Regardless of the thickness of your chosen jeans, they can be restored to as new condition. We can help you to determine the ideal fit for your body and our tailors are able to undertake hem alterations or more complicated adjustments including rise changes, waistband lowering and taking in or letting out the waist. We can even transform the cut of your jeans i.e. boot cut style to skinny fit. Whatever fit you desire, we can find the perfect length. We can shorten jeans and retain the original hem by cutting it away and re-establishing it at the right length. Whatever alterations we undertake, we always pay close attention to the original stitch and thread colour to match them perfectly. Repairs such as lost buttons and tears can also be undertaken.